With respect to the recent arrest of five young boys in the Cunupia area, a certain daily newspaper has wrongfully stated that these young boys are students of Darul Uloom Islamic School, in Cunupia.

In this regard, the Trinidad Guardian published Tuesday, March 24 2015 states, ‘The teens, who are students of the Darul Uloom Islamic School, Cunupia were arrested…’.
We wish to categorically state that this information is totally false. Only one boy from among the five, is a student of the Institute. The other four are not students of the Institute. The Guardian has made a serious blunder by stating ‘The teens who are students of the Darul Uloom Islamic School, Cunupia.’ Through this statement, the newspaper has given false information, and mislead the public into believing that the young boys, who were all in their ‘teens’ were students of the Darul Uloom.

The Guardian, which presents itself as a reliable newspaper should have contacted the Institute before publishing such wrong and misleading information. Presenting such a falsehood seeks to bring nothing but disrepute to the prestigious Islamic Institute. We call on the Trinidad Guardian to correct the grave mistake that they made, and inform the public of the wrong information which they published.

We hope that in future, they will be intelligent enough to verify facts before these are published and circulated in the country.


Darul Uloom Trinidad and Tobago.

24th March 2015