Women Performing Eid Salaah


Asalaamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakaatuhu mufti sahab.
Umm Atiyah (ra) reported: “The Messenger of Allah (saw) commanded us to bring out on Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha, young women, hijab-observing adult women and the menstruating women. The menstruating women stayed out of actual Salaat but participated in good deeds and Dua (supplication). I (Umm Atiyah) said to the Holy Prophet (saw): Oh! Messenger of Allah, one does not have an outer garment. He replied: Let her sister cover her with her garment.” (muslim)

Ash-Shawkaanee (radiyallaahu `anhu) said: “Note that the Prophet consistently performed this prayer on every Eid, never neglecting it. He commanded the people to go out for it; he even commanded the free women, the virgins, and the menstruating women to go out, instructing the latter to refrain from praying, in order for all of them to witness this good and the Muslims’ supplications. He further commanded the woman who did not own a jilbaab (outer overall garment for women) to borrow her friend’s (al-Bukhari).
From this hadith Sharif it is clear that The Messenger (saw) has commanded even women to go out for eid prayers,but i understand that considering the present day situation of fitna many scholars have prevented woman from attending these prayers.
Now i would like to know that if woman dont go out for eid prayers ,are they suppossed to offer it at home or is it not necessary for woman to offer it.what is the ruling of eid namaz for woman.i mean whether it is waajib ,nafl or what.
I would be highly obliged if you answer this question quickly because only few days are left for eid ul fitr



Eid salaah is wajib upon those on whom the Juma salaah is wajib, and since Juma is not wajib upon women, Eid will also not be wajib.

The Prophet (s.a.s) encouraged women to come out for Eid but did not make it essential upon them. Besides this, the hadith of Aisha (r.a) in Sahih Al Bukhari tells us that if the Prophet saw the state and conduct of the women at her time, he would have prohibited them from going to the masjid.Hence, it is not essential for women to go for Eid.

At home, it is not upon them to do anything in place of the Eid. No Qaza, Nafl or other duty has been made upon them.

And Allah knows bets

Mufti Waseem Khan