Woman Issuing Divorce

Q: if a husband after asking his wife for a divorce and she pronounce it three times and he also give her two divorce, is this divorce final? or do I have to wait for a third one ??

A: In this case, only the two divorces given by the husband will occur. The three divorces uttered by the wife will not take effect. If both husband and wife do not wish to live with each other, then the husband should allow the iddah of divorce to come to an end without revoking the divorce (by taking back his wife). At the termination of the Iddah, they should go their separate ways.

There is no need for the husband to pronounce a third divorce, and there is no need for the wife to wait for a third divorce. The annulment of the marriage which they wish to achieve through 3 divorces would come about after the 2nd divorce when the husband allowed the iddah to come to an end and did not revoke the divorce (by taking back his wife). If this happened then both should go their separate ways and should not bring about a third divorce. If the husband had taken back his wife after the 2nd divorce, then it means that in future if the marriage does not go so well, he can give another divorce which will be the third one.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.

Date: 20/11/2013