Witr salaah and the tasbeeh of taraweeh

Q. What is the ruling pertaining to praying the witr salaah with respect to tahajud (praying it before or after) and what is the ruling of the tasbeeh after the four rakaats of taraweeh salaah?

A. Based on the established practice and teachings of the Prophet (S.A), witr is performed after the Tahajud Salaah. However, the allowance has also been given to perform it before the Tahajud Salaah. In the month of Ramadhan, the scholars have stated that it is more virtuous to perform the witr Salaah in Jamaat after the Taraweeh Salaah, (even though it is before Tahajud). (Ash Sharhul Kabeer pg.420)

After every four rakaats of Taraweeh, a short pause is taken by the Imam and the Muqtadis (followers). The purpose of this ‘pause’ is to take a short rest between the rakaats of Taraweeh. During this ‘break’, one has the option of remaining silent, (reciting Tasbeeh) glorifying Allah, praising Allah, reciting Quran or performing Nafl Salaah individually. A person has the choice of doing any of the above on an individual basis, without making it essential upon others, and without doing an act in a manner that it disturbs another person (in doing what he wants to do).

With respect to the ‘Tasbeeh’ that is recited in different mosques, these are indeed sacred words of glorification to Allah, however, it cannot be made binding upon everyone. Similarly, it is not proper to recite it collectively in a loud tone, since in this manner, others can be affected in doing whatever they wish to do on an individual basis. Besides this, the recitation of the Tasbeeh on a collective basis has never been practiced by the Sahabahs, Tabieen and the generations after them. Tasbeeh, etc. are all allowed, however, this will be on an individual basis.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan