Who must pay zakaah on saving by husband gave me

Assaalmu Alaikum,
I would like to know if my husband is putting money into a savings account for me. Do i pay zakaah or does he have to pay it on the savings? If my allowance that i get on a monthly basis is not enough for me to pay zakaah, what am i to do?. It will add up to just the amount needed for zakaah at the end of the year, but then i have qurbani to think of next?

Wa Alaikumus Salaam,

If your husband is putting money in a savings account for you, then you need to find out whether he has given you this money, or is he simply using this as a means of savings. If it is known to be ‘your money’ and you have access to it, then you will have to pay Zakaah on it if it reaches a nisaab (or above) and an entire year has passed over it. If it is considered to be your husband’s money, then he will have to pay the Zakaah on it.
If your monthly allowance is not your savings, and you use it to fulfill your needs and necessities, then it will not be considered as your savings, and hence, Zakaah will not be levied on it. If however, you put your monthly allowance or part of it towards savings, which then reaches to the nisaab level and a year passes over it, you will have to pay 2½% on the total amount as Zakaah. If it did not reach to a nisaab then you will not be required to pay Zakaah.
If it adds up to a nisaab and a year passed over it, then you must pay Zakaah upon it when it is your savings. You do not have to worry about Qurbani. Insha Allah, when that time arrives, you will look at your nisaab to see whether qurbani is essential upon you or not.
Please note that Zakaah is only a small sum of 2 ½%, and it does not bring about any decrease to one’s wealth.

And Allah Knows Best
Mufti Waseem Khan