What Can Be Done With Interest Money Aquired From One’s Bank Account

Question: How can one best dispose of interest monies acquired from one’s bank account?…and is it permissible to give it to Muslims who are very poor so as to assist them with some of their infrastructures like toilets, cesspit, soakaway, drains, etc…but not personal things like foods, clothes shelter etc?…
I await you quick response insha Allah…Jazaakallah Khairun.

Wa Alaikum As Salam,

                Interest monies acquired from one’s bank account should be given to poor and needy people without the intention of receiving blessings. These can be given to Muslims and non Muslims. It will be permissible to dispose of it in the manner which you have described.

                It should also be understood that poor and needy persons are those who deserve to receive the interest monies. When they receive these, they become the owner, and they can use it to fulfil all their necessities which are essential for them to fulfil. Hence, besides using such monies for infrastructures, they can also use these for personal things, when these are essentially required to be fulfilled and they do not have their own monies to fulfil these.

And Allah Knows Best,

Mufti Waseem Khan