What am I doing wrong and I find everything bad happening one after the next?


When a non Muslim is going through hard times example electricity cut and asks the Question, “what am I doing wrong and I find everything bad happening one after the next?” how should a Muslim reply without provoking an argument but also try to show them the religion they’re following is misguided etc..?
I hope and wish they revert to Islam


As Salaamu Alaikum,

Going through hard times or living a comfortable and luxurious life is not a criterion to determine if one is rightly guided or not. It is seen that the greatest of Allah’s servants and the most beloved to Him were afflicted with difficulties. Prophets Moosa ( AS), Isa (AS), Muhammad (SAS) and the other prophets faced severe trials and tribulations, yet, they were Allah’s chosen messengers. In contrast, those who were unbelievers like Pharoah, Haaman, Abu Jahl, Nimrod etc. enjoyed a comfortable and good earthly life. This shows that if one is misguided, it does not mean that he will encounter hardships and difficulties. In a similar manner, if one believes and is rightly guided, it does not mean that he will have great enjoyment and comfort in this world.

Trials come to all people in this world. The believers take lessons from these trials, but the disbelievers do not pay attention to them.

When something (of hardship) occurs with an unbeliever, it could be a result of what his own hands have brought, or it could be a means of punishment, or it can be the effect of some mishap that has occurred. In this world, Allah Has connected many things to cause and effect. In this way, when causes come about, then the effects shall follow. Electricity being cut, or no water in the pipe, not finding a good job etc. etc. are things that are connected to cause and effect and has nothing to do with Imaan or disbelief. So when these occur, you can explain that in this world, everyone has to go through a little difficulty, and this happens to all people. Hence, it does mean that he is doing something wrong that these are occurring.

Besides this, on account of true belief (Imaan), a person is blessed in this life in many different ways. Even when odds are against him, he still continues to be calm and composed. His belief in Allah is not shaken, and he finds peace and tranquility in his heart. In times of difficulties, he turns to Allah in patience, and in times of goodness, he turns to Allah in gratitude.

As for those who do not believe, their lives are not blessed. Their enjoyment is short lived, and they have no real peace and tranquility in their hearts. Prosperity makes them arrogant, and adversity makes them depressed and impatient. As such, they have miserable lives, and they find no true peace and comfort in this life. When situations like these arise, then you can explain the matter of belief and disbelief to such people with wisdom and understanding. You should not be as if you are condemning their religion, but you can tell them what your religion (Islam) teaches. In this way, you can explain to them all the beautiful rewards and blessings that come to a person who follows the true path of Islam. You can do these without speaking against their religion. In this way, you will not provoke an argument.

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan