Watching football and wrestling.

Q. During Ramadan, can you watch football and wrestling?

A. With respect to football, this is a game and a sport and is permissible in itself, since it does not consist of any unlawful action. However, there is a matter of great concern which is found among the players and due to this, it will not be permissible to look at the football game. That which is a grave matter is the dress code of the footballers. It is seen that predominantly, those who are engaged in playing the game are required to wear short trousers/shorts which allow their awrah (concealable parts of the body) to be exposed. As muslims, we are ordered by the Prophet (S.A.S) that we must not look at the awrah of another person, whether male or female, Muslim or non Muslim. The Prophet (S.A.S) also informed us that the awrah (concealable parts) of a male is from his navel to the knees. It therefore means that a Muslim cannot look at those who expose any part of this area of their body.

Based on this religious guideline, it can be concluded that if looking at the football game requires a Muslim to view the awrah of others, then it will be strictly prohibited for him to watch this game.

However, if the awrah is covered, then it will be allowed to look at the game/sport.

Wrestling is somewhat similar to the above since it is a sport which does not consist of any unlawful activity or action. However, due to the fact that many wrestlers wear such clothing that exposes their awrah, it will not be permissible to look at.

It should also be noted that it is strictly prohibited to look at women wrestlers.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan