Uttering words of Shirk.

Q. During the fast of 1429 (2008), I made a statement of which I have received no sure answer on. Note, I am a 16 year old male that is known for debating Non-Muslims and such on religion, Allhumdulilah I win, not one lost so far due to Allah’s (swt) guidance.

So during the early morning of the fast, before 12 noon, I was with a group of perhaps five (5) friends or less. One friend said, “I have a friend who worships the God of Money.”

Me, being the sarcastic one (and now regrettable fool I am) said, “He worships me?” and we all laughed. My intention was never to challenge the oneness of Allah [swt] and those around me knew that as said above I am known for being a faithful Muslim adhering to Al Quran and Al Sunnah.

I asked a Sheikh (in this case just an old man, but wise) and he told me, I did not step out of the fold of Islam nor did I break my fast. Rather Allah [swt] knows my true intentions, the matters of the tounge are not related to those of the heart or of true intentions. I will never challenge the Oneness of Allah [swt].

What I am asking is:
1) Did I commit shirk and become a non-muslim (said Astaghfirulah and Aoozubilah after realising what I had said)?
2) Do I have to Qadha the fast?
3) During my debates I win and have brought people closer to Islam, I use the methods of Zakir Naik, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and other methods I have developed on my own, I am of the Deobandi beliefs and I do not follow the Fatwas of the two men listed above as I do not know what sect they belong to. I run a small blog that I post on from time to time, perhaps one can run through it and say whether it’s good or not.

A. Based on what you have explained, the answers to your questions are:

1) You have not committed shirk and have not become a non-muslim. However, you should refrain from using such statements, even if you are joking. Ibadah and worship is only for Allah and no one has the authority to use any such remarks, even in a joke form.

2) You do not have to Qadha your fast.

3) The lectures and debates of those you have mentioned are informative, you can use them. But in the matters of the Shariah and Sunnah these individuals are not versed. Continue to do what you are doing as long as it is in accordance to the beautiful teachings of Islam.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan