Using the inheritors funds for the qurbani of the deceased


my question is that my parents had been demise and my mother left one house. we collect the rent of the house and did not divide it among one brother and six sisters. All are married. My question is that with contribution can we do the qurbani for them or it must be from any individual among us. Female (sisters) have to get permission from their husband for the qurbani for the parents. Or for the qurbani they first distribute the money and then pool it for qurbani or do it individually. If husband do not allow will it not masnoon qurbani. My other question is that if among us one is not paying her Zakaat then would it be acceptable the money from her for qurbani as she is not giving her qurbani. pls. answer in the light of fiqah hanfi.


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

The rent monies that you collect from the house rightfully belong to the inheritors. It will therefore, not be permissible that you use this contribution to do a qurbani for your mother, unless you give money to each inheritor, and they in turn give back a portion towards the qurbani of your mother. If this does not happen, then any individual from among you can do a qurbani from their own money for the mother. If the sisters are using their husbands’ money for the qurbani of their parents, then they have to get permission. However, if they are using their personal monies, then they do not have to get their permission. They should however inform them (their husbands) of what they are doing.
If the husband does not allow the qurbani to be done for the parents (when it is from his money) then it will not be a masnoon qurbani. If the money is directly from the sister, then it will be a masnoon qurbani.
If one is not paying Zakaat then it will be permissible to accept money from her for the qurbani.

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan