Qurbani can be done with camels, oxen, buffaloes, cows, goats and sheep.

A camel must be at least 5 years old; oxen, buffaloes and cows must not be less than two years. One of these animals will suffice as seven shares (i.e. seven people may slaughter one) but all must have the intention of Qurbani and not for the acquisition of meat.

Goats must not be less than one year old. Sheep should also be one year old. However, a sheep less than one year old but resembling the size of a one-year old can be sacrificed.

Animals for sacrifice must be free from defects such as:

  • blindness in both or one eye,
  • animals born without ears or a third or more of an ear or the tail cut off,
  • a horn broken off from the root,
  • majority of teeth have fallen out,
  • animals that are squint eyed,
  • animals with total lameness of one or more legs,
  • animals sick and weak so that they cannot walk to the place of sacrifice.

Note: Animals which are castrated or those born without horns or part of the horn is broken can be used for Qurbani.