Following the Subud movement.

Q. I am a Muslim, I am aware of the Holy Quran’s teachings and Hadith and I am also a Subud member.

I have read the article about your view on Subud. It just shows how you have understood the Quran, you have to have a deeper understanding of the Quran to know the hidden truth. You have to experience for yourself before giving any comments. It is not only Bapak who has experienced but members who truly surrender to Allah without their nafs can experience it on their spiritual journey.

May Allah give you the True spiritual knowledge. Ameen.

A. At present, there are many different sects throughout the world that make the same claim which you are making. The question is, ‘who is right’ and ‘who is wrong’?

As Muslims, we have been ordered by Allah to follow the commandments which have been given in the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAS). The Prophet (SAS) was the greatest prophet, to whom the Quran was revealed, and Allah spoke to him directly. The Prophet (SAS) therefore had the greatest knowledge and understanding of the Holy Quran. Notwithstanding this, the beloved Prophet (SAS) did not practice Subud, or anything similar to it.

That which he practiced is mentioned in all the books of ahadith (traditions), and this is exactly what we (as Muslims) follow.

If what Bapak preached was right in your sight, then it means that the teachings of the Prophet (SAS) are incomplete (may Allah forbid), since he did not preach what Bapak preached.

If the experiences of Bapak was based on his ‘deeper’ understanding of the Quran in your view, then what you are really saying is that the beloved Messenger of Allah (SAS) did not have this ‘deep understanding’ as Bapak had. Since, he (the Prophet SAS) did not practice any of the cults like the conduct of Bapak.

Through your statement, you are actually attacking the integrity, and lofty status of the Prophet (SAS). You are also casting doubts on the completeness and perfection of Islam.

If Bapak discovered your so called ‘hidden truths’ of the Holy Quran and upon this, he practiced his ‘strange practices’, then you are actually saying that the Prophet (SAS) the Sahabahs, the Tabieen and the great Pious men of the past were all deprived of knowing these ‘hidden truths’. (May Allah forbid).

It seems that your understanding of ‘Surrendering to Allah’ is totally different to what has been taught in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophets.

How is it that some of your Subud members are ‘Surrendering to Allah’, (in your view) but are still in shirk and kufr. What type of ‘surrendering is this’?

The life of the Prophet (SAS) was complete and perfect, and he was specially sent by Allah to show us how to truly surrender to Allah. The entire religion of Islam is based on surrendering to Allah. If we live in accordance to the teachings of Islam as explained by the Prophet (SAS) then our entire lives will be spent in total submission to Allah. This is the true surrendering, and there is no other form of submission to Allah except this. So, I urge you to follow Islam. Follow the true teachings of the Prophet (SAS), who was the perfect model, guide and exemplar. He was sent with a complete and perfect way of life to guide every human being to the straight path.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan