Status of Salaah If Sajda Sahw Is left Out

Question: A person performed his salaat and after some time he realized that a sajdahsahw which had become waajib in the salaat was not performed. What should he do in this case? Also, what is the ruling if the sajdahsahw was left out intentionally?


Answer:SajdaSahw, if left out (forgetfully or intentionally), should be performed as long as the time for that salaat remains, and as long as a person does not do any act that can prevent him from continuation of a salaat after the salaam (e.g. talking, eating, laughing, turning one’s chest away from the kaaba or long duration of time after the salaam).

However, if any of these acts were done intentionally then it would be waajib to repeat the salaat as long as the time of that salaat has not terminated. On the other hand, if any of the acts were done forgetfully (while forgetting that sajdah was waajib) or the time for that salaat has terminated, then he would be excused from repeating the salaat.


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And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.