Singing praises of Allah.

Q. Is it permissible to sing the praises of Allah and send peace and blessings on his Messenger Muhammad (S.A.S.)?

A. Praising and glorifying Allah are both essential upon the Muslims as commanded in the Holy Quran. Hence, it is upon Muslims to follow these instructions. However, in this respect, one must take into consideration that the Prophet (S.A.S) (who is the most perfect model and exemplar), has shown the believers and has taught the words, mode and the way in which they must praise Allah. So while fulfilling the command of praising Allah, one must adopt the guidelines which the Prophet (S.A.S) and his blessed companions have given and taught to others.

The same is the case with sending peace and blessings upon the Prophet (S.A.S). This is also a command in the Holy Quran which the believers must obey. Here again, the believers were taught by the noble Prophet (S.A.S) as to how they should send peace and blessings upon him. So while doing this, one must follow the guidelines which have been given in the sacred Shariah.

As for ‘singing’, verses of the Holy Quran and the ‘Darood’, this has not been accepted by the Jurists of the early centuries of Islam since it is adopting the manner of non Muslims. However, it will be permissible to sing songs that are made up in praise to Allah and also about the blessed Prophet (S.A.S).

The words of these songs (Nasheeds) must be acceptable in the shariah and the manner in which it is done should not be outside the guidelines of Islam. As such, while allowing the Islamic songs, the scholars are unanimous on the point that musical instruments should not be used in such songs. It is also not permissible for women to be singing in the presence of men. Along with this, women and men joining together in singing such songs is also prohibited.

Another matter to be considered is that those who sing must not copy the style and customs / behavior of the non-Muslims. It has been seen that certain nasheed groups portray a ‘rock-type’ of Islamic songs. This is totally haram and is unacceptable in Islam.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan