Shortening of salaah before reaching 78Kms.

Assalamualaikum Mufti saab

I decided to travel to my village which is more than 80 Kms away from my house by car. I will be a Musafir. Assuming i started travelling, after reaching 40 Kms, if i want to pray namaz say zuhr salah and no masjid on the way, should i pray 2 Rakat or 4 Rakat on the road side? i get doubts that i have not crossed 78 Kms.

2.Also while returning say i am 10-15 Kms away from my house, i want to offer prayers, still i have to offer salah like a musafir?

Wa Alaikum As Salaam

The rule regarding a traveler is that when he undertakes a journey, he would shorten the four rakaat farz from the time he exits the borders of his vicinity, even though he may not have covered the required amount of kilometers as yet. (i.e. 77 kms or 48 miles). Similarly, while returning from the journey, he will continue to shorten the four rakaat farz salaah until he enters the border of his vicinity. (locality/ district). (Ahkaam Musafir Pg. 68).

Based on the above, it means that you will perform 2 rakaat of Zuhr salaah (Farz) upon reaching 40 kms, when you have exited the border of your locality. (Whether there is a masjid on the way or not).

While returning, if at a distance of 10-15 kms (away from your house) you have not yet entered the border of your locality, then you will be required to offer salaah as a musafir. If within this distance, you have entered your locality, then you will not offer salaah as a musafir.

It should be noted that while on journey, if you happen to perform the farz salaah of Zuhr, Asr or Isha behind a muqeem (resident), then you will be required to perform the full four rakaats with him.

And Allah Knows best
Mufti Waseem Khan