Selling non halaal vitamins to non Muslims.

Q. I sell Amway Products and some of the vitamins contain gelatin and are not certified halal but there is a big request for them. Can I promote and sell these non halal vitamins to Non Muslims?

Also there is a breath spray for freshening ones breath and it contains sd alcohol. As a muslim, can I use this because when it is sprayed in the mouth some will be swallowed with the saliva?

A. Once the gelatin is not halal, then it means that it is either from pork or ‘maitah’ (carrion). In both cases, these will be unlawful to sell and to reap the benefits from its sale. Although, these can be sold to non-Muslims, the monies obtained from their sale will not be allowed for you to use, since it will be derived from the sale of haram products. My advice to you is that you should not sell them.

With respect to the spray containing sd alcohol, you should not use this, since there is a high possibility of it entering the throat and will thus be swallowed.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan