Scholars giving an opinion.

Q. It seems from your response to the email (KFC) that DUTT has the only correct view, what about the international scholars who are not of your opinion? Does DUTT/tabligh have the only correct view? That is very narrow minded. I understand about your research and others having the same view but what you don’t accept is that the Muslims are 1 billion plus with thousands of very eminent scholars (many more qualified than yours) who have views as varied as their followers. The better way is to give opposing reasons, give your recommendation and let people choose, instead of saying you are right and every opposing view is wrong.

A. Every scholar who gives an opinion, believes his opinion to be correct in accordance to his understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah. If a scholar does not believe his opinion to be right, he will not even give it. When this is generally accepted, then what is the problem if Darul Uloom has given an opinion and believes it to be correct. If there is anytime in the past or present that Darul Uloom said that their opinion is the only correct view, then I request you to show me where this has been mentioned? If you can’t find any such place, then it means that your statement has been manufactured by an arrogant mind. In this case, it will be your own personal understanding which we have no control over.

We accept the fact that there are many eminent scholars more qualified than us, everyone accepts this. However, you should also know that there are many scholars that are more qualified than the ones you are referring to, in fact, it is unanimously accepted by all Muslims that those of the early generations and afterwards, were more knowledgeable, pious and righteous than those of today. So, why don’t we all follow them instead of those of today?

Based on your advice, it seems that you are very ignorant of the works of the Darul Uloom. There is a great amount of printed literature on many topics which have been done by the Darul Uloom, and are used as texts in Darul Uloom, other schools and Islamic Institutes. We invite you to visit the Darul Uloom and view the authoritative works which have been done, giving indepth information, views of the great scholars and their evidences on many different issues. Don’t stay at home and allow yourself to be troubled by these evil promptings (waswasa).

As for your statement, that ‘we are saying that we are right and every opposing view is wrong’, I will appreciate very much if you can provide me with the proof of this (your) information. If you can’t find any evidence for this, then you need to make Taubah to Allah for having levied a false accusation against us. If you have the proof, then I will love to see it.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan