Salaah of a pregnant woman.

Q. I am a first time pregnant woman and have many questions to ask but most importantly I would like to find out at what stage in a pregnancy is a woman allowed to pray on a chair and also if any harm would be done to the baby if a woman continues to pray normal.

A. A pregnant woman must continue to perform her salaah in the normal prescribed manner as long as she has the ability to do so. If during the entire course of her pregnancy she is able to do so, then it must be done and no harm would come to the baby.

If however, the woman finds it difficult to perform salaah in the prescribed manner, then she is allowed to adopt such allowable postures (like sitting) in performing her salaah. There is no fixed stage for this allowance. It could be early in the pregnancy or it can be later. What is important is for the pregnant woman to assess her situation to see if standing is difficult or easy for her.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan