Qurbani is wajib upon a person who possesses the Nisaab. If a person does not have the Nisaab, then the Qurbani will not be wajib upon him. However, if he does Qurbani, he will be highly rewarded for it.

Qurbani is only wajib (essential) on behalf of a person (himself) when he has the Nisaab. It is not essential on behalf of one’s children. Even if one’s children (those under the age of puberty) are rich, Qurbani will not be wajib on their behalf. If a person does Qurbani on their behalf, it will be deemed as an optional (Nafl) Qurbani. In this case however, the Qurbani will have to be done from the wealth of the person who is doing the Qurbani, like that of the father etc. Monies for this Qurbani cannot be taken from the wealth of the children.

If an animal was purchased for Qurbani and later it developed a certain defect whereby Qurbani is not permissible with it, then another animal should be purchased in place of this animal. However, if a poor person upon whom Qurbani was not wajib purchased such an animal, he does not have to purchase another animal. He could use the same animal that he had originally purchased.

If one, upon whom Qurbani was not wajib (essential), purchased an animal with the intention of Qurbani. Then, Qurbani will become wajib (essential) upon him.

If Qurbani was Wajib (essential) upon a person, but he allowed the three days of Qurbani to pass and did not do the sacrifice, then he must give the value of one goat or sheep in charity. If he had already purchased a goat/sheep but did not sacrifice it within the three days, he must give that animal in charity without slaughtering it.

If a person does Qurbani on behalf of a deceased person out of his own will in order to consign rewards to the deceased person, it will be permissible for this person to consume the meat himself, feed others, and also distribute it to whomsoever he wishes. However, if a deceased person had made a will that a Qurbani be done on his behalf from his money, and the Qurbani was done, then all the meat of this Qurbani will be given in charity on behalf of the person.

If a person was not present and someone did the Qurbani on his behalf without his permission/instruction, the Qurbani will not be valid on behalf of that person (who was absent).

The Qurbani of a pregnant animal is permissible. If its young one comes out alive, it will be necessary to slaughter it as well.