Al Bustaan Restaurant (496-2653) #7 Union Road Marabella (May 2012) All chicken, beef and ingredients.
Amin’s Restaurant and Catering Services
a. #216 Southern Main Rd, Marabella. (Feb 2012)(658-0922)
b. #243 Southern Main Rd, Marabella (May 2012) (658-1691)
c. #310 High Street, Princes Town. (Feb 2012)(665-1309)
d. #18 Penal Rock Rd. Penal. (Jan 2012) (647-2600)
e. Gasparillo Main Road. (Feb 2012) 650-5368)
f. Lall’s Shopping Mall, Debe (June 2012)
All chicken, beef, duck, goat and ingredients
Amin’s Restaurant and Caterers (663-5366) #98 Eastern Main Rd. Tunapuna. (April 2012) All chicken, beef, goat, duck and ingredients.
Chadon Beni (662-0161) Oasis Food Court, Grand Bazaar, Valsayn. (May 2012) All chicken, goat, beef, lamb, duck and ingredients.
Curry Wok Restaurant (658-2914) #216 Union Rd. Marabella. (June 2012) All chicken, goat, duck, beef and ingredients.
Dil’s Delights (674-9421) Corner Thompson Street & El Socorro Road Ext. (Oct 2011) All chicken, lamb, beef and all other ingredients.
Food Basket Restaurant (665-9868) Endeavour Rd. Chaguanas. (Mar 2012) All chicken, lamb, beef, goat and ingredients
Indar’s Fast Food and Catering (671-5744) Dyette Estate, Cunupia. (July 2012) All chicken, goat, lamb, duck and ingredients.
Mohammed’s Diner (693-0800) Monroe Rd. Cunupia. (July 2012) All chicken, lamb and ingredients
Pimento’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Shop (638-4780) Corner Sultan Lane El Socorro Main Rd. San Juan. (Oct. 2011) All chicken, lamb, beef and ingredients.
Sate House (715-4116) Valpark Food Court, Valsayn. (Sept. 2011) All chicken and ingredients
Sweet Hand (652-3849) #185 Cipero Rd. Victoria Village. (Oct 2011) All chicken, beef, goat, duck and ingredient

Red Light Grill (223-5977) # 193 Western Main Road, St James. (Sept 2015) All beef, lamb and chicken and ingredient.

Home Flavaz Food Court (373-8477)  Corner Alexander and Munroe Road, Cunupia. ( Sept 2015) All Chicken, Beef, Lamb and ingredients.

Chimichanga Mexican Grill (780-6954) On the cross Cross Crossing San Fernando. ( Sept 2015) All chicken, beef and ingredients.

Zachary;s Grill (683-0345) # 237 Southern Main Road, Cunupia.(August 2015)  All chicken beef lamb and ingredients. except the hotdogs.

Khalid;s Bar B Que  (392-7849) #47 A Naparima Mayaro Road, Cocoyea. (Sept 2015) All beef, lamb, chicken and ingredients.

 Island Jerk Chicken (469-2580) # 1 Forres Avenue, Cocoyea, San Fernando. (Sept 2015) all chicken, beef and ingredients.

Debe Bar B Que Shack (739-2828) # 57 Debe Main Road, Debe. (August 2015) All chicken, beef, lamb and ingredients.