Renewing marriage vows in Islam.

Q. Recently, I was asked by a mature brother of my Jamaat that he wanted to renew his marriage vows with his wife. In the belief that it probably was not done properly I asked him to return for Isha and we will simply redo the nikah. He is a regular member of my jamaat that lives very far. after the isha salaat the members who were present remained and witnessed the event. Could you advise me if I acted in any way against the sacred shariah of Islam.

A. The custom of renewing vows is un-islamic and is keeping with the customs of other people. In Islam, this is not permissible. Once a Nikah has been done which is deemed to be valid, there is no shariah teaching which requires that it be repeated.

However, if one is doubtful of his/her Nikah which was performed and he/she wishes to do it over in order to be free from doubts, then it is permissible.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan