Remedies For Depression


Salaams mufti please tell me what can I read for when you are very very depressed about loosing your job, or loved one its like you cannot go forward or do anything everyday u just feel more and more depressed please tell what I can read to help me with this
(in my case I loose my job).


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

You can do the following:

1) Recite frequently: “Hasbunallahu wa Ni’mal Wakeel”
“Allah suffices for us and he is the best disposer of affairs’.

2) The recitation of Surah Nuh is very effective in removing grief and fear. Also, the recitation of Surah Yaseen is most effective in removing all types of fear.

3) With respect to having your job, and seeking sustenance, you can read the following excessively after every farz Salaah:
Allahu Lafeefun bi Ibadihi
Yarzuqu Man Yasha’u
Wa Huwal Qawiyul Azeez’
‘Allah is gracious unto His slaves. He provides for whom He wills, And He is the strong, the Mighty’ (Sura Ash Shura (42) verse 19).’

4) You should also read the following verse frequently:
Innama Ashku Bathi Wa Huzni Ilallah.
‘I complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah’ (Surah Yusuf (12) Verse 86). (Aa’mal Qurani Pgs. 10,13,21)

And Allah Knows Best.

Muft Waseem Khan.