Four Rakaats before and after Jummah.


Reported by Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) use to perform four rak’ats before and after Jumu’a without separating them with salam. Its mentioned in Nasbur Rayah Volume 2 Page 206.

Please provide from where Imam Zaylai has quoted the hadeeth and what he himself has mentioned about the authencity of the hadeeth.


Allama Jamaludeen Zaila’i’ in his book Nasbur Rayah has explained the following about the Sunnah Salaat of Jummah in the following manner:-

He says: Ibn Majah has recorded in his Sunan saying Mubashir bin Ubaid has narrated to us from Hajaj bin Arta from Atiya Al-Awfi from Ibn Abass (R.A.) that the Prophet (SAW) used to perform four rakaats before Juma without separating them with Salaam. He Allama Zailai’ states further, ‘Tibrani has recorded in his Mu’jam this same riwayah with the addition of ‘and four rakaats after it’. Having quoted this Allama Zailai said ‘This sanad is very weak. Mubashir bin ubaid is counted from among the fabricators and Hajaj and Atiya are weak.

After narrating the above Allama Zailai’ goes on to mention other traditions and did not make any Kalam upon them, showing that they are accepted. From among them is the riwayah of Tibrani in his Mu’jam from Abdullah bin Masood (R.A.) who said,’The prophet (SAW) used to perform four rakaats before Jummah and four rakaats after it’. The same has been narrated from Ali (R.A.) by Tibrani in his Mu’jam. The narration of Nafi has been recorded in the same book, saying that Abdullah bin Umar (R.A) used to lengthen his Salaat before Jumma and would perform two rakaats after it at his home, and he (Ibn Umar) narrates that the Prophet (SAW) used to do the same. Allama Zailai’ says that Abu Dawood has narrated this with a sanad which is in accordance to the conditions made by Imam Bukhari for the acceptance of Ahadith. Allama Zailai’ has also recorded the Mauqoof tradition which has been narrated by Abdur Razzak in his Masannaf. This sanad is from Ma’mar from Qatada, that Abdullah bin Masood (R.A.) used to perform four rakaats before Jummah and four rakaats after it. It has also been reported by Sufyaan Thawri from Ata bin As-saib from Abdur Rahman As Salami who says that Abdullah bin Masood (R.A.) used to order us to perform four rakaats after it. Haithami has recorded it in Al Kabeer.

Allama Zailai’ has also recorded the Mawqoof tradition which Ibn Saad has narrated in his ‘Al Tabaqaat’. He (Ibn Saad) said, ‘Yazeed bin Haroon has informed us from Hamad bin Salima from Saafiyah that she saw Safiya bint Huyai (RA), (the wife of the Messenger of Allah SAW) performed four rakaat before the Imam came for the Juma Salaat then she read Juma with the Imam as two rakaats. Allama Zaila’i’ then said, ‘as for the Sunnah after Jum’a, it is narrated in Sahih Muslim from Abdullah bin Umar (R.A.) that he used to perform two rakaats at his home after Juma.

Allama Zaila’i’ further states that a whole group of Muhaditheen besides Imam Bukhari have selected the Hadith of Abu Hurairah (R.A.) in which he (Abu Hurairah) said that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.S.) said when you perform Salat after Juma, then perform four rakaats. If you are in a hurry then perform two rakaats in the masjid and two when you return home. (Recorded by Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmizi, Nasai, Ibn Majah, Ahmad).

In this same manner Hakim has mentioned similar traditions in his book Al-Mustadrak. He records from Ata from Abdullah bin Umar, ‘that he (Ibn Umar) when he was in Makka and would perform Juma, he would go ahead of his musallah, (place where he perform Juma Salaat) and perform two rakaats and then he would go a little ahead and perform four rakaats. However, when he was in Madina he would perform Juma Salaat and would then return home where he would perform two rakaats. He did not perform these in the Masjid. When asked about this, he said that the Prophet (S.A.S.) used to do the same. (Mustadrak of Hakim)

Having recorded this, Hakim said ‘ This is a sound Hadith (Saheeh Hadith) which is in accordance to the conditions placed by Imam Bukhari and Muslim. However they did not select it in this manner. Both of them have agreed on the tradition of Ibn Umar regarding the performance of two rakaats in his house (after Juma Salat) and Imam Muslim has accepted the tradition that says that ‘he used to perform four rakaats after Juma’. (Al-Mustadrak vol. 1 pg. 398 – 399).

Hakim has quoted another sound Sanad in which Ibn Juraij says that Ata informed him that he saw Ibn Umar performing Salaat on the day of Juma. He came a little ahead of the place where he would perform Juma Salaat and performed two rakaats. He then walked closer to it and performed four rakaats. Ibn Juraij then said to Ata, ‘how many times did you see Ibn Umar doing this?’. He (Ata) said, ‘many times’. (Al-Mustadrak vol. 1 pg. 399).

These traditions and explanations by Allama Zaila’i’ and Hakim provide ample evidence that there are rakaats which are read before and after Juma Salaat.

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan