Qadha of a few Salaat at once.

Q. If I am at work and do not perform the Zuhr salat because the environment is not condusive for same, then is it permissible to Qada it at home? And, as I leave home around 10ish on a Saturday to go to class (Cedros to St. Augustine), I am on the road driving when its time for Zuhr, I am in class during Asr and on the road again during Maghrib, can I Qada all three (being a girl and not wanting to pray in public areas) when i reach home in the night?

A. In the case mentioned, it will be permissible for you to perform your Qadha Salaah of Zuhr at home.

As for the other issue of going to St. Augustine, it is important for you to understand that Qadha Salaah is read when one was totally unable to perform the Salaah on time. This means that one must not intentionally disgard the performance of Salaah on its time with the intention of making up for it.

Every effort must be made at all times to ensure that all Salaah are performed on its proper time. This is what has been made compulsory and hence, one is accountable to Allah for this. If, after trying ones best to get Salaah on time, it could not be achieved, then it would have to be performed as Qadha hoping that he/she would be absolved from any wrongdoing.

With this understanding, it means that every effort should be made for you to stop at a masjid to get your Salaah on time. It will be wrong for you to leave for home in the morning, knowing that you are going to miss three Salaah, with the intention of performing them as Qadha in the evening.

This is a type of intentional neglect for Salaah which is not acceptable in Islam.

My advice to you is that at the time of each Salaah, you should try your best to get a place to perform it. It can be a secluded area where you study or a masjid on the road while driving. Make an honest effort to perform your Salaah on time. If after this, you are not able to perform it on time, then you will have to Qadha it after you arrive at home. Do not make an intention to perform your Salaah as Qadha even before trying your best to perform it when the time arrives.

Remember Salaah has been made compulsory upon us and must take priority before anything.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan