The purpose of the world and life.

Q. Someone asked me a question about how the world is and what is our purpose in it. We reached to a conclusion that it is a game we are in, because Shaitan is trying to mislead us and we are trying to please Allah to go into jannat and Shaitan challenged Allah that he will lead astray as many Insaan as possible. So are we just in the middle of an argument or what is it? I’m kind of confused myself.

A. Regarding the query of your friend, I find it rather strange that he has reached a conclusion that it is a game we are in. This is a very destructive statement to one’s Imaan and Islam, and this sort of opinion is not even entertained by the Jews or the Christians. In fact, all of them believe that there is a purpose of our lives and there is a purpose for us being in this world.

Further to this, it is also very wrong to say that Satan challenged Allah. Satan never challenged Allah and no one has the courage to challenge Allah. What Satan did was that he promised Allah that he will try his best to misguide man.

As such, there is no game involved in being in this world. Allah has sent us in this world for a certain duration and has commanded us to serve him and live our lives in goodness so that we will be able to gain entry into Jannah after we die.

By allowing Satan to live for a long time, Allah has granted him the permission to try to tempt the servants and distract them from their purpose and objective in this world.

In order to guide man, Allah has sent many Prophets and has sent His scriptures so that man will continue to know what is the path of truth and salvation. He has also warned man about his open enemy, Satan who has vowed to misguide him.

As such those who live their lives in obedience to Allah and save themselves from the temptations and whispers of Satan, shall be honoured by Allah in this world and the next.

As for those who choose to disobey Allah and have taken Satan as their leader, then they will be together with their leader in the fire of hell.

There is no game involved in being in this world nor are we in the middle of any argument, if one thinks that we are in the middle of an argument then he has actually considered Satan as an equal to Allah which is shirk and kufr. May Allah save us from such devious thoughts.

Satan can never be one who can argue with Allah. He is a Jinn who was wicked and rebellious and was thrown out of Jannah for his disobedience.

He asked Allah for a respite until the day of judgement and it was granted. Upon this, Satan swore that he will mislead the servants of Allah. In response, Allah told him that he would not be able to have any control or ability to misguide His true servants and as for those who followed him (Satan), then Allah will throw him (Satan) and all his followers in the fire of hell.

Satan’s existence in the world is based on Allah’s decree and permission and his (Satan’s) ability to misguide man is also from Allah’s decree and permission.

Allah has allowed these things to take place so that it would be a means of test and trial for man, in order to make evident those who are false and disobedient.

Temptations, evil whispers and distractions are ways of testing the believers and Allah has allowed Satan to do these things so that the true servants can show their true and dedicated submission to Allah alone and by doing so they would become triumphant over Satan, their avowed enemy.

So there is no game and there is no argument. These are satanic whispers which are entering your heart and mind and you should not entertain these thoughts.

Whenever such thoughts come to you, recite A’ouzu billahi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem, until it goes away.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan