Punishment for a man exposing his awrah.

Q. What is the punishment for a man who intentionally exposes his awrah, i.e. his thigh and since this act greatly affects others to whom he does not listen and he is not at all embarrassed, then what should they do?

A. Exposing the aurah is indeed a sin and a punishable offence in the shariah. However, we have not seen any fixed punishment for this offence. In an Islamic state, it will be to the discretion of the Qazi to issue lashes to this person. As for his punishment with Allah, this is known to Allah alone.

If a person exposes his aurah and he is not bothered about this shameful act then it is permissible for other Muslims to boycott him and avoid speaking to him until he amends his act.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan