Proof of using Ayatul Kursi as protection


Can you kindly advice me the authencity of putting Ayatul Kursi at your door openings and window openings for protection, if this is wrong kindly advice me as even though I am not doing this now I have done it previously and do know alot of Muslims doing so. As well as hanging plaques with Allah’s names and Surahs etc on your walls. It’s important to know the correct thing please


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

It is permissible for one to place plaques with Allah’s names, Surahs etc. on walls. It is also permissible to place the Ayatul Kursi at door openings etc. However, while doing so, one must have the correct belief regarding these plaques. In this regard, a person must believe that Allah is the sole protector and the only One to give benefit and repel harms. On their own, these plaques containing Allah’s names or verses, cannot give any benefit or remove harms. However, seeing that these are the sacred names of Allah and blessed verses of the Quran, they are not free from bring about Allah’s blessings and protection.
These are also a means of reminding one of the verses and names of Allah that are inscribed on them which they recite when they see them.
However, while hanging such plaques, one should treat them with respect and care, and must not show carelessness.
I have not been able to see the video on Youtube which you have indicated to.

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan