Praying Qaza/Nafl While The Adhan Is Being Called

Question: Assalaamu Alaikum,

While the adhan is being called for prayer in the masjid, is it permissible/compulsory/disliked/haram to perform salaat that was missed?


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

While the Adhan is being called, it is very virtuous to listen to the words of the Adhan and repeat them as mentioned in many traditions. Based on these narrations, some scholars have stated that it is Waajib to repeat the words of the Adhan, and others have stated that it is Sunnah/Mustahab. On account of this, the Fuqaha have written: ‘It is not appropriate to be engaged with anything other than repeating what the Mu’azzin recites’ (when Adhan is being called). (Bada’I’us Sana’I and Fatawa Alamgiri).

Therefore, one should not be engaged in performing Salaah while the Adhan is being called, since this will prevent a person from fulfilling the requirement of the Sunnah. This is the same in the case of a missed Salaah, a Sunnah Salaah or a nafl Salaah. If one has already started to perform Salaah and the adhan commenced, then he must continue with his Salaah until completion. If he has not started Salaah, then he should not do so while the Adhan is being called. Additionally, he should take note of the time for Adhan and should not begin to perform any salaah when he knows that the Adhan will commence while he is still in Salaah.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.