Plucking and shaving the eyebrows.

Q. Why are Muslims not allowed to do their eyebrows?

A. Muslims are required to follow the religion of Islam which they believe to be the complete and perfect way of life. In following this religion, they are required to adhere to the laws, guidelines and
injunctions of the Holy Quran and follow the teachings of the final Prophet, Muhammad (U.W.B.P). While doing so, Muslims do not question the authority of these guidelines, but instead, follow and obey as they have been told. It is possible that there may be certain injunctions which cannot be comprehended by men and these may not conform to human reasoning or logical arguments. This is not one which is found in Islam alone, but instead, it is to be found in the teachings of all other religions.

Howbeit, in all cases, a Muslim holds on to the religious teachings of his faith wholeheartedly, and makes the authoritative guidelines of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A) overrule his reasoning and logics.

With this understanding, it becomes clear that even if one is not able to give a rational explanation for a prohibition or an injunction, it continues to be binding upon him to hold fast onto it with the same level of certainty and belief as if he/she had completely understood it and seen the wisdom in it.

With respect to ‘doing the eyebrows’, the reason for this prohibition is the hadith (saying) of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A) in which he cursed those who do it. The narration which has been recorded by Imam Abu Dawood states, ‘The Messenger of Allah cursed the women who plucked hair and those who were employed to pluck the eyebrows.’ (Abu Dawood).

This method of beautification which has been prohibited, includes the practice of shaving the eyebrows and then painting on new ones or shaving certain hair and leaving the eyebrows to look like two inverted crescents.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan