Placing of hing and tabeej on a baby.

Q. I recently had a baby and I have some questions concerning the tabeej and something called ‘hing’. I do not think it is wise to have those things since Allah is the best of protectors and just as I could remember to put the hing or tabeej on I could recite duas for protection. There are family members that think otherwise. May I please get a thorough explaination on those things as soon as possible and please give a definite answer as to whether it’s permissible or not.

A. The placing/applying of the ‘hing’ on the baby is not permissible, since the beliefs attributed to it is against the teachings of Islam. Refrain from doing this.

With respect to the Taweez (commonly called tabeej), this is allowed with a few conditions, which are:-
1) Only Quranic verses, Allah’s name or duas are written on it.
2) One must have the belief that Allah alone is the Protector and helper, and the Taweez on its own can do nothing. However, due to the Quranic verses, Allah’s names or duas written on it, it is a cause for Allah’s help and protection to come to the individual.

Although the use of the ‘Taweez’ as mentioned above has been allowed by the scholars on these conditions, it is more effective to recite the Quranic verses, and duas upon the child. Probably, both can be done to protect the child from the evils of Jinns and the Satans.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan