Permissibility of some products.

Q. Can you tell me if the snack called “cigarette sweetie” is halaal?

A. Cigarette Sweets contain gelatin which most times is made from pork or beef skins and bones. Therefore they are not halaal.

Q. I would like to find out if the following items are halaal for consumption: Cheese Sticks, Cheezes, Yoplait Yogurt, Jello (with the (K) sign on the pack), Cigarette Sweetie (Spiderman box and Tom & Jerry box), Skittles, Red Bull & Battery & Adrenaline Energy drinks (there are other non alcoholic energy drinks as well), products in Hilo (Chaguanas & Gulf City & Marabella) bakery (are any of these pastries made with essence)?

A. Cheese Stiks – If you are referring to Holiday Foods Cheese stiks, yes it is halaal. Yoplait Yoghurt is not halaal, Jello with K sign is not halaal, Cigarette Sweets and Skittles are not halaal, Red Bull and Adrenaline are halaal, however Battery contains a small amount of alcohol.

The products at Hilo have not yet been investigated

Q. Are all burgers from Mario’s Pizzeria i.e the beef and chicken burgers halaal? If any which ones? Are the chicken toppings for pizza halaal?

A. The burgers at Marios are not halaal and the toppings are halaal but you have to be careful about contamination

Q. What is the status on KFC and the popcorn chicken?

A. KFC still uses popcorn chicken which is not halaal. You should buy from outlets which do not serve popcorn chicken such as : Mayaro, Rio Claro, Siparia, St. Helena, Curepe, San Juan, Jubilee in Arima, Couva, Cunupia, Montrose, Morvant and Price Plaza.

Q. Is it possible for you all to find out if the franchise holder of KFC in Cunupia are muslims? Is kiss dessert cakes halal?

A. KFC does not sell franchises, all the outlets are owned by Prestige Holdings. Some Kiss Dessert cakes contain alcohol. You will have to ask the company about the specific ones you are interested in.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan