Performing salaah after missing jamaah.

Q. If a person reaches in the masjid for salaat when the imam gives his second salaam, is it from the sunnah as some people have done, especially when praying alone, to call the iqamaat and then perform the fard salaat aloud as though he is leading a jamaat? This also occurs when others are praying sunnah and nafl salaat. Is it compulsory to be so vocal?

A. If the salaah is one that Qirah is done in a loud manner, then it is sufficient for the leader of the prayer (for those who arrived late) to recite in low but audible manner that his Muqtadis hear him, but he does not disturb the other Muqtadis who are engaged in their Sunnah and Nafl salaah.
He must not be so loud as if he is conducting the established Farz Salaat of the Jamaat. This person must understand that he, as well as others have arrived late for the official and established Farz Salaah in Jamaah (for which the Azan and Iqamat were called) and hence, must not conduct himself in a manner that likens his act to that of the Imam who has recently concluded the Farz Salaah of the Jamaah.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan