Performing Salaah Al Ishraaq.

Q. Can you please quote a few Hadith where it shows the Prophet (s.a.w) and not the Sahabahs performed Salatul Ishraaq.

A. Abu Darda (RA) and Abu Zar (R.A) both narrate from the Prophet (S.A) that Allah says, ‘O son of Adam, do not be incapable of performing four rakaats at the beginning of the day. I will suffice for your needs until the end (of the day)’. (Imam Trimizi has recorded this hadith and said it was good. Imam Ahmad has also recorded this hadith from Abu Darda (R.A) and all the narrators are sound and reliable – At Targheeeb wat Tarheeb vol.1 pg. 464)

Having narrated this hadith in his book, the great Muhadith Allamaa Zafar Ahmad writes, ‘This hadith indicates to the virtues of four (nafl) rakaats at the beginning of the day, and this is the salaah of Ishraaq’. (Ila’us Sunan vol.7 pg. 29).

In another  tradition, Anas (RA) narrates that the Prophet (SA) said, ‘Whoever performs the Fajr Salaah in Jamaat (congregation) and then sits, making the Zikr of Allah until the sun rises, and then performs two rakaats, for him shall be the rewards of a Hajj and an Umra’. Anas (RA) said, ‘The Prophet then said, ‘complete, complete, complete’. (Imam Trimizi has quoted this hadith, and stated that it is good (Hassan). Tibrani has also recorded it from Abu Umama with a good chain of narration.

These traditions along with others speak about the virtues of Salaah Al Ishraaq.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan