Performing Nafl salaah before Fajr salaah.

Q. Can you pray nafl salaat then pray your Fajr salaat between the break of dawn and sunrise?

A. Although it is permissible to perform nafl Salaah after the break of dawn and before the Fajr Salaah, this was not a practice of the Prophet (SAS). The Messenger of Allah (SAS) always seized the opportunity to perform regular nafl salaah, however, when the break of dawn entered, he did not exceed in performing more than two sunnah of the Fajr Salaah after which he performed the Farz (of Fajr). For this reason, the scholars have stated that one should not perform any other Nafl Salaah besides the two Sunnah of Fajr (during the period of the break of dawn and sunrise).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan