Paintings and toys without facial features.

Q. Is painting of a human face without eyes, nose and mouth permitted, such that there is only the head and hair and ears but an empty face? Are toys that have the head and ears, but no eyes and nose and mouth permitted?

A. The prohibition given in the Shariah is with respect to drawing or painting anything that represents life (that is living objects). As such, even though there may be no eyes, nose and mouth, the drawing/painting will still represent a human image or figure. In the traditions, the heads of pictures and images were totally defaced and removed, it was not only about the eyes. The ruling therefore, is that it will not be permitted to draw/paint a human face with the head, hair, ears even though the eyes, nose and mouth are omitted.

With respect to the toys, the same law will be applicable. If they represent life and living animate objects, then they will not be permissible. If the heads are removed, then it will be permissible. Some contempory scholars have allowed toys for children even if they have eyes, nose and mouth.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan