Origin of Dua Jameela.

Q. Could you explain the origin of Dua Jameela that many learned scholars in South Trinidad have made much emphasis on reciting it collectively in many masjid gatherings. Is this a recommended dua from the sunnah? Is there any evidence for or against it?

A. The dua jameela has no origin from the Prophet (S.A.S.) nor from the Sahabahs (R.A.). It cannot be traced to any tradition, be it sound or weak. It is also not evident from the duas of any companion. As such, the credits and merits which have been written about it are fabricated and not authentic.

Although, it is permissible to make dua to Allah by calling his beautiful attributes and names, some of which are to be found in dua jameela, it is not permissible to attribute it to the Prophet (S.A.S.) when it is not evident from him. In this respect, it is not considered to be a recommended dua from the Sunnah.

As for the dua itself, it comprises of many great attributes and names of Allah, as such, it would be permissible to recite. However, it would not be permissible to attribute it to the Prophet (S.A.S.), nor would it be permissible to believe in the virtues and credits which have been highlighted regarding it as having been mentioned by the Prophet (S.A.S.).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan