National Anthem in Muslim Schools.

Q. I am a teacher at a Muslim Primary School. I would like to know how appropriate it is in a Muslim School to have the National Anthem played before the morning prayer (Sura Fatihah, Darood, etc)? I am not aware even of any other denominational schools which does this.

Although it may not be wrong, what is the best procedure for a Muslim school to begin the day of a child.

A. In a Muslim primary school, it is not appropriate to begin the school day with the National Anthem, especially when it is being followed by Sura Fatiha, Darood etc.

The fact that other denominational schools do not do it, shows that it is not a requirement of the Ministry of Education. Hence, it should be stopped and allowed to play only when it is deemed to be a requirement of the Ministry.

For a Muslim school (or for any Muslim student who may be at a full time Gov’t school), the best way to begin the school day is to have a recitation of Sura Fatiha and any other dua which contains such requests of asking Allah to bless and protect everyone and to make the day a fruitful and beneficial one.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan