Nafl salaah before or after Eid salaah.

Q. Could you send me some hadith regarding no nafl salaah before or after the eid salaah?

A. It is mentioned in the famous books of hadith, from Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) that ‘the Prophet (SA) came out and performed Eid (Salaah) with them. He did not perform any (Nafl Salaah) before it or after it’ (Bukhari, Muslim).

Imam Tirmizi has recorded the tradition of Abdullah bin Umar (RA) who said, ‘The Prophet (SA) came out on the day of Eid. He did not perform salaah (Nafl) before it or after it’. (Tirmizi- who said it was Saheeh-(sound) ).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan