Muslim women working at Petrotrin.

Q. Is it permissible for Muslim Women to work in PETROTRIN – Trinmar Operations doing jobs like Data Entry into Computers?

A. The guidelines which Islam has given to women are for all time, all occasions and all environments. These guidelines are meant to protect women and by their practice upon these guidelines they would be blessed immensly and would be elevated to degrees and status in the sight of Allah.

With respect to the work environment for women, Islam has out rightly condemned intermingling of the opposite sexes and has warned the believers about it. Islam has also condemned the act of a woman being alone with the opposite sex who is not her husband or one who is related to her through blood. To be in such situations are totally haraam and unlawful and Muslim women have been commanded to avoid such situations which may put them in compromising positions.

Whatever may be deemed as unavoidable would be excused, however when one can avoid being in such positions then he/she must do so.

In this regard, it should be noted that when a woman is able to work in such an environment which is free from such prohibitions as mentioned above, then it would be permissible for her to do so, once the work is lawful according to the shariah of Islam.

That which you have asked about is ‘a permissible job’, however you must take the above mentioned conditions into consideration.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan