Muslim women and gynaecologists.

Q. Is it permissible for Muslim women to expose themselves to a male gynaecologist while there are female gynaecologists? What should Muslim women do if there is an emergency and there is no female gynaecologist present?

A. When there is a female gynaecologist available, then it is unlawful for a Muslim woman to expose herself to a male gynaecologist.

Exposing herself in this manner is totally Haraam, especially when there are alternatives.

If an emergency arises for her to be attended to by a gynaecologist and there are no females available, then it is allowed for her to be seen by a male gynaecologist to the extent of need.

This means, that if this male doctor can do something to bring about a temporary relief without going into further examinations, then he should do so, while leaving the further examinations and viewing of the woman’s body for the female gynaecologist. Similarly, if the emergency state of the Muslim woman can be put under control by normal female physician, then there is no need to visit a male gynaecologist.

On a general note, it would not be permissible for Muslim women to visit male doctors when female doctors are available.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan