Help in getting a job.

Q. I’m jobless for last two years. I am regular practising four time fard salah except Fajar, and regular practising Salatul Haja and I also used dua “Allahummafini bihalailaka unhamika waagni bifazlika amansiwak” after Asa prayer but I not getting job. I think Allah make my rizq few. What I do I’m totally drepress. I am graduate from college, though I also doing many sin. What is going in my life I am not understanding it. What I do please advise.

I have a job offer but it is below my qualification which I have and below standard of job level. Should I get it or I have more wait for Allah help.

Peple make fun of me and laugh me why I am not getting employment. I think it my sin for that reason I’m not getting job or by it is will of Allah.

A. Alhamdulillah, it is good that you are performing Salaatul Hajaa and also reciting the dua which you have mentioned. However, it is extremely important that you perform your five times daily salaah. Based on what you have said, you are presently missing your Fajr salaah. This is not good at all. You must ensure that the five daily compulsory Salaah are performed on its time.

It is also essential that you refrain from committing sins. The act of committing sins brings about Allah’s punishment to the individual and this comes in many different ways. So I advise you to do a few things and I hope and pray that Insha Allah, Allah will open a way for you.

First of all, perform your five times daily salaah on time, and as far as possible perform them in a masjid where the jamaat is held. Secondly, you should immediately desist from all types of sins. Thirdly, turn to Allah in repentance and beg for His forgiveness for all which have occurred in your past life. Repent sincerely to Allah, promise that you will not commit these sins again and make amends for that which you have done in the past.

Along with these, adopt the path of Taqwa and piety and fulfill the orders which Allah Has placed on you. If you do this, then Allah Has promised to open a way for you and will provide your sustenance from places you cannot even imagine. You should also continue your special practices of Salaah Al Hajah and the dua. You can also recite Sura Al Waqia every day after Magrib Salaah. This is very beneficial for what you seek. May Allah make everything easy for you.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan