Islamic Fashion Show and Tea Party.

Q. There has been a recent increase in fund raising events in several masjids around the country and very interesting, innovative methods of doing so has evolved. I recently got some tickets for an Islamic Fashion Show and Tea Party, for sisters only. Is this permissible? Is there anything such as Islamic Fashion?

A. There is no such thing as an Islamic Fashion Show or Tea Party. These are all duplicates of the Western Culture which Muslims are copying. Instead of trying to imitate the practices of others, Muslims should try to emulate the successful and blessed ways of the Prophet (SAW) and his illustrious Companions. They also built many Masjids and had the need to raise funds. However, they did not adopt the way of having shows or selling food to build a Masjid. Instead, they understood that the Masjid is the blessed house of Allah which was more important than their own homes and thus, sacrificed their wealth for the sake of Allah by donating freely to the construction of His house. Muslims must therefore make a firm commitment to donate regularly for the cause of Allah in building the Masjid, and Insha Allah, this will eliminate the need to host such fund raising ventures which in reality, are from the practices of the non Muslims.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan