Imam Cause Delay in Sunnah By Giving Naseehah After Fard Salaah



After the Fardh Salah the Imam makes Du’a in which many if not the majority of people participate, arguably making it an Ijtimai Du’a.

Thereafter, the Imam stands up & gives naseehat to the assembled congregation, thereby delaying the Sunnah prayer. From the end of Salah to the end of the naseehat is between 4-5min.

It may be contended that nobody is obligated to sit for the naseehat. However when the majority, if not all the people sit for the nassehat, it makes it awkward for one or a few individuals to depart to perform their Sunnah as:

(a) people are in the way & get inconvenienced &

(b) persons draw uncomfortable attention to themselves by getting up & leaving.

Is delaying the Sunnah for this duration or at all permissible?

If not, what is the proof that such a delay is impermissible?



Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

When the time for a certain Fardh Salaah has entered and the Muslims have attended the masjid to perform Salaah in congregation, then all the different Salaah like Sunnah, Fardh and Nafil are performed in a manner that they all follow one another. These are not interrupted and disconnected from each other. Everything has its time, and when the time for Salaah has arrived and the Muslims have come to the masjid for this purpose, then they must be given the chance and opportunity to perform all their Salaah in the house of Allah without being distracted by other activities.

It is well accepted by all scholars that after the Fardh Salaah, one can be engaged in individual or collective dua, or the masnoon dhikr. As such, this does not pose a problem and does not cause a delay in performing Sunnah Salaah. After the dua and dhikr, everyone gets up to complete their Sunnah or nafl Salaah, as this is what is establish from the practice of the Prophet (SAS) and the Sahabah. When one begins to give a talk (naseehah), then it interrupts those who are engaged in their Salaah or are engaged in dua or dhikr.

This is not the time to give a naseehah or read a book. After sufficient time has been given for the brothers to complete their remaining Salaah, naseehah and the short talk can begin.

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan