I want to find out about pardah.


asalaamu alaikum!

I want to find out about pardah. If pardah is observed in the masjid, why is it allowed for people to go in the market places etc because there is no pardah there!


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

The masjid is the house of Allah and must be governed in accordance to the laws of the sacred Shariah. Since the Masjid is in the control and responsibility of upright Muslims, then it is their duty to ensure that the requirements of the Shariah are fulfilled, which also includes pardah and non intermingling of the sexes etc.

With respect to the market places, these are not under the control of the Muslims or Islamic law, hence, people who are in control will implement guidelines that suit them.

At market places, there are shops, stores etc. etc. where the needs and necessities of people are available. Hence, only in order to purchase and get what one wants, a Muslim should visit these places. If there is no need to go there, then one should not visit these places. In face, an authentic hadith states that the worst places of the earth are the market places. As such, one should only go to these places when there is really a need to get something which is needed. It means that only on account of fulfilling a necessity, one should go to the market places.

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan