How can i better myself spiritually?

Message: Brother Assalam Alayakum, I am follower Naqshbandi Can you please tell me how to improve spiritually?

Wa Alaikum Assalaam,

الجواب و بالله التوفيق

The prime objective of following Tariqah and being attached to a spiritual mentor is for self-reformation. It is for the purpose of trying one’s best to be a true, sincere and good believer in the sight of Allah. One must try his best to obey the commands of Allah in all aspects of his life. Whatever Allah Has made compulsory upon a person, he should fulfil these and whatever Allah Has made Haram upon a person, he must refrain from these.

In everything one is doing, one must ensure that one does what is halaal in Islam. This includes everything and is not confined only to foods and drinks. One’s conduct, behaviour, speech, dealings, work, relations with others, must be in accordance to what is permissible in Islam.

In the matter of worshipping Allah, one must always be willing to do so with a good heart and with a zeal and happiness to do so. Performance of the five daily Salah with all the Sunnah and Nawafil should be done. Along with this, one should also inculcate the practice of doing the extra optional Salah of the Prophet (S.A.S). In short, whatever has been made Fardh upon a person by Allah, he must fulfil these.

One must also fulfil the nights and obligations others have over the individual. One must purge his heart from all evils and vices, and inculcate good values and practices. Reciting the Holy Quran and making ‘Dhikr’ remembrance of Allah should be part of one’s daily routine. Always strive to be a better Muslim and work hard to remove the vices from the heart and the limbs. Together with this, make a lot of dua to Allah; seek His forgiveness and make Tawbah to him for the wrongs which have occurred in the past.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.