New July 2016 Halaal Brochure

The Darul Uloom Halaal Committee is the most experienced outfit involved in the certification of products, restaurants and halaal enterprises in the Caribbean. Over the past ten years, we have visited hundreds of outlets and production facilities, many of which have not attained the standards for halaal, while others have been certified continuously, year after year.

For many years, this service has been offered completely free of charge for both businesses and consumers alike. However, over the last two years, we have requested a minimum processing fee which in reality, is an extremely small amount when compared to what other certifying bodies around the world charge. It is still free of charge to the Muslim public as a service of Darul Uloom Trinidad and Tobago Ltd.

Recent events regarding certified outlets which have deliberately broken their contracts with us, has resulted in change in policy with regard to our certification. Any restaurant or food outlet to be certified or re-certified from now onwards, will receive a certificate valid only for three months at a time. Muslims are warned not to purchase from a restaurant whose certificate has expired. These new certificates will carry new issue and expiry dates. As we go along, more measures will be put in place to ensure that certified outlets will be authentically halaal.

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