Hajj advice


Asslamu Alaikum
I performed hajj in 2010 and Hamduillaah it was great, may Allah accept it. Mufti, what i cant understand is why so many muslims are going to hajj and coming back and bad talking the place and their bad experiences, be it the food, rooms, agents etc. Nothing good is being said from some pilgrims. its this right? If we do this and discourage others what is the consequences of it. It this how Allaah wants it to be or should they speak out? please enlighten me because i just cant come to terms when i hear all these negative things about what they experience. Why can one just accept it as trials and why are we always ready to complain. Its Allah’s house we are visiting, are we not pleased with Him.
Appreciate your advice.



Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

Hajj is indeed a great act of Ibadah which has a great amount of rewards. However, it is filled with a lot of trials. Hence, a person must bear these trials with patience and forbearance and entrust everything to Allah. The journey is a long one, the food is different from what one is accustomed to. Sleeping accommodations are also different, and there is a huge crowd of people whose conduct is different. With all of these, there will certainly be apparent difficulties which will come upon a person. Leaders also confront situations which they did not expect. At times, they are not able to fulfill their promises on account of the difficult circumstances. In these cases, pilgrims must be understanding and tolerant, and must not become aggressive and quarrelsome.

When one has completed the Hajj, one should thank Allah for this great opportunity and return home in a state of repentance and seeking forgiveness. One should appreciate and acknowledge this great favour from Allah, and should accept the trials as coming from Allah. Hence, one must not speak ill of the places, its people, the facilities, experiences and other shortcomings of others.

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan