Gold teeth in the mouth.

Q. My husband wants to place gold teeth in his mouth, is this permissible?

A. Based on the authentic traditions, the Prophet (S.A.S) has mentioned that it is haram (unlawful) for men to wear or use gold. Based on this general prohibition, it would not be permissible for your husband to place gold teeth in his mouth. If there is a valid reason and necessity that requires one to have a gold tooth, based on medical reasons, then an exception will be given. However, when there is no such valid reason, then the prohibition would remain as it is.

This is the verdict which has been given by the great jurists as mentioned in the books of Fiqh like Al Hidaya and others and it is also the Fatawa of the Permanent Committee (of the grand scholars) of Saudi Arabia as mentioned in Fatawa Islamiah Vol. 7 Pg. 397.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan