Is Fully Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance halaal?


As salaamu alaikum,

  1. Is Fully Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance halaal or once its an option, you have to get Third Party?
  2. Is Medicard halaal?
  3. If i claim Maternity Benefit from my work NIS, is this halaal?
  4. My husband has been employed with a company for the past 8years during which he has been an optional member of the Guardian Life medical plan that the company pays 77% of the monthly premium and he pays 23%. Last year I was added to this plan and this year my baby. Are we all allowed to make claims from this plan for doctor visits or surgeries etc.?


Wa Alaikum as Salaam,

  1. If full comprehensive is an option, then third party must be taken, since this is the minimum which is required to fulfill the law of the country.
  2. No, Medicard is not halaal, since this is based on having a medical insurance.
  3. You can claim maternity benefit from you NIS since you have contributed towards it on a monthly basis.
  4. You can make claims from the plan to the extent of that amount which has been paid by the company and your husband. Making claims for more than this will not be permissible.

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan