Following an Alim.


We are told in the quran to follow the ulema that is..those in authority. So I am really confused because some ulema say a certain thing is sunnah and then others claim it to be weak and then sometimes concerning ahadith some say to follow then others say it is weak but can be followed, then others say it is very weak and cannot be followed, etc etc. So now my question is that if I follow an aalim from the ahle sunnah wal jammat then if he is wrong in a certain ruling, will I get sin for following his ruling. The thing is I am not so religiously aware that I would know who is correct and who isn’t. So if I follow an aalim, will I get sin if his ruling happens to be wrong?


There are many people who use remarks against the Ulema and others. Some of them present their scholars before you, showing that the research of your scholars is wrong. These scholars, when they find out about what others have said, defend themselves and prove that the others are wrong. And this goes on continuously.

My advice to you is that you should follow such scholars (Alims) whom you see as being knowledgeable, pious and truthful in words and deeds. They must be from the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, and should be followers of the Mazhab you follow.

After being convinced that the person you wish to listen to, is indeed a very reliable scholar, you should follow him in what he says and accept the rulings he gives.

You must remember that today in our era, there is a great amount of differences and disunity. When a person tries to prove another one as being wrong, it does not necessarily mean that the person is wrong. In fact, the person may be right, but due to the mischief that is created by others, condemning statements are made. Today, some mischief makers have gone to the extent of picking out faults and weaknesses in all the scholars, past and present.

So, follow those whom you have confidence and trust in, and pay no attention to the others who wish to criticize and condemn.

If, out of human judgement, the one whom you follow has made an error in a ruling or research, then you will not get any sin for following him, and the scholar (Alim) will not get any sin.

Statements like these which are made by criticizers are done only to create mischief.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan